The timber industry is ready for a ban on unprocessed timber exports

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The Russian industry is ready for a ban on exports of unprocessed softwood and valuable hardwood, said Denis Manturov, Head of the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation at the forum “Forestry 360°: a new era of development”. He said that the decision of the President marked a new page in the chronicle of the Russian timber industry.

During the past 10 years, the volume of Russian exports of roundwood has decreased from 49 to 16 million cubic meters, i.e. threefold. The export of completely unprocessed timber accounts for 7%.

However, the ban will not affect Russia’s GDP, said the Minister.
“We should not forget about import substitution. At one time we were exporting timber and importing finished products, today this is no longer the case, we have a reserve of the internal market,” said Manturov. According to the Minister, the unexported timber can go to the timber housing industry as well.

To recap, Vladimir Putin previously instructed the government to take measures to impose a ban on exports of untreated and roughly treated softwood and valuable hardwood from Russia starting in 2022. The government must also propose options to impose a ban on entities involved in forest projects, to sell unprocessed or coarsely processed timber from plots provided for them to implement such projects.

Source: TASS

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