The pulp and paper industry

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The pulp and paper production is one of the leading directions of the wood chemical industry and demonstrates the most significant growth in terms of output.

The industry produces not only different types of paper and cardboard, but also packaging and cellulose, used in the production of clothing, furs, varnishes, films, and much more.

World experts expect a significant increase in demand for pulp and paper products: by 2030, its consumption on the planet can grow to 17 million tons per year. These figures are primarily for countries in the Asia-Pacific region, including China and India. Due to its geographical location, Russian industry rightly claims to occupy this promising market. Today a combine for the production of 400 000 tons of non-green cellulose is being built in the Trans-Baikal territory, there are also prospects for the creation of such productions in the Krasnoyarsk and Khabarovsk territories, Irkutsk and Vologda regions.

There have also been presented a number of other projects, the implementation of which will ensure the creation of new pulp and paper capacities and large-scale modernization of existing production facilities. A promising task is not only to increase export capacities, but also to significantly increase the share of Russian products in the domestic market.