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A developed branch of the Russian timber industry complex is mechanical woodworking, or the production of sawn timber. Lumber products are used in a wide variety of construction and repair areas.

The total number of registered enterprises in this industry exceeds 20 000. Russia is a major player in the export market for sawn timber with a volume of 23.8 million cubic meters, second only to Canada.

The main consumers of Russian products are China and the countries of North Africa (mainly Egypt), as well as CIS countries and Japan. Taking into account the dynamics of demand, domestic production and transport network, the most promising markets for the expansion of Russian exports are China and other countries in Asia, the states of North Africa and Europe.

The demand for sawn timber will significantly increase in the domestic Russian market. This figure will reach about 7.4 million cubic meters by 2030. The total additional export demand for sawn timber from the Russian Federation may reach 5.4-10.8 million cubic meters by 2025 and 3.0-6.8 million cubic meters in 2026-2030, respectively.