Plywood and slab production

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Plywood, or wood-laminated boards are multi-layer building materials used in aircraft and shipbuilding, electrical engineering and furniture manufacturing. This material is produced by gluing specially prepared veneer – thin sheets of wood.

Russia has a strong position in plywood production. The country is traditionally the leader in the production of birch plywood. Such a high place is based on the fact that Russia has the majority of birch raw materials, which can provide production of plywood with the necessary for consumers properties.
At the same time, birch plywood has better characteristics than substitutes for a variety of uses, and therefore the displacement of this product from the domestic and world markets is unlikely.

The production of slab materials is actively developing: chipboard, MDF, OSB, as well as laminate and various floor coverings. New plants are being created on the territory of Russia, the products of Russian producers are represented not only in the domestic market, but also abroad. is One of the keys to further development of the industry is technology improvement.