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The Russian furniture industry produces all kinds of furniture for public and residential premises. Being a product of long-term usage furniture has a rather complex manufacturing process.

The Russian furniture industry is one of the few in the sector of high-tech industries that managed to successfully overcome the transition period of the 1990 crisis. In the period from 2000 to 2004, the volume of production doubled, and increased in subsequent years – by 20 percent each year.
More than half (about 55-57% of the total Russian market) is furniture made of wood and wood materials. Now methods of support are being developed for further development of the industry.

The restoration of domestic demand should become the main growth driver in the production of wooden furniture. Russian furniture successfully competes with producers from Belarus, and displacement of a certain part of imports from China and Poland is expected. Furniture from Russia has the same eligibilities, but more affordable prices for consumers.In addition, it is possible to increase supplies to individual markets: in the CIS, where Russia traditionally has strong positions, and in Western Europe.

The implementation of these measures will improve the position of the Russian furniture industry both domestically and abroad.