Russia is the world’s third largest producer of plywood

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Russia is the world’s third largest producer of plywood

Russia ranks third in the world in the volume of plywood production, with a share of 2.6%. In terms of plywood trade volumes, the country is in second place, controlling almost 10% of the world market.

The price trend in the plywood export market in 2020 has been a slow recovery. Since the beginning of the year, the price of export plywood from Russia has increased by 3%. As a reminder, Russian plywood became significantly cheaper on the global market in 2019, with prices falling by more than 16%.

The leading players in this industry in Russia are such companies as Sveza Kostroma, Syktyvkar Plywood Plant, and Sveza Uralsky. Russia’s leading plywood producers include Krasny Yakor FK, CFMK, Murom FZ, Arkhangelsk FZ, Sveza Novator, Zheshartsk FK, Parfinsky FK, Sveza Verkhnyaya Sinyachikha, Payterra and UPM Plywood FZ and others.

The list of importer countries of Russian plywood is extensive and numbers about fifty entries. The main importers of birch plywood from Russia are the USA, Egypt and Germany. According to the latest data, the share of Russian plywood supplies to the USA is 18%, and to Egypt — 17%. Germany accounted for 10% of the total volume shipped. About the same level in terms of volume was shipped to Azerbaijan, Finland, Netherlands and Poland — the share of shipments to each of these countries is about 5%.

Source: Lesnoy Region

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