How To Create A Serial Piece Of Furniture And Environmentally Friendly Production Using Real-Life Examples: Open Lectures On Industrial Design To Be Held In Moscow

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On 16 December, the Design Library will host open lectures on industrial design from the Russian manufacturers of furniture and interior accessories, the representatives of the Industrial Designers Club.

The Russian furniture industry has a great growth potential and is one of the most competitive industries: it is represented by both large and small companies. The growth rate of furniture production for the 9 months of 2019 is 113% compared to the same period last year. About six thousand manufacturers are engaged in the production of furniture. However, the industry needs to be updated. A new approach to design and manufacture is needed to create a competitive industry. The quality is becoming one of the key criteria in the competitive struggle of furniture manufacturers.

One of the most important criteria of this industry is to attract new creative professionals who will be able to form a modern unique style and offer a consumer the ready-made solutions that meet global trends.

Industrial Designers Club members are the representatives of a new generation of Russian furniture manufacturers. The workshops combine in their production environmentally friendly materials, high quality of products and the unique style corresponding to modern trends.

Within the framework of open lectures Dmitry Lagutin, architect, co-founder of PLY, and Konstantin Lagutin, architect, co-founder of ARCHPOLE and co-founder of the Industrial Designers Club, will tell how to create a serial piece of furniture, what principles of production have influenced the creation of serial products and how to implement environmentally friendly production design in harmony with nature on real examples.

Participation in lectures is free.

Address: Design Library, 7/2 Polimernaya Street, Moscow.

Date and time: 16 December 2019, 11:00-13:00.


On participation issues:

+ 7 (926) 920-37-09, Sofia Balakireva


The Industrial Designers Club (KPD) is an organization that is engaged in the development and promotion of industrial design in Russia and works to create a competitive industry.

The organization associates industrial designers of Russia and post-Soviet countries, thereby promoting exchanges on best practices and information resources, the formation of a new unique Russian style, the creation of a competitive industry in Russia, the development of industry in Russia and the creation of new jobs, the collection and analysis of information related to the achievements of design in Russia and abroad, the promotion of the brand “Made in Russia” among consumers, the organization of the export system for domestic industrial design items to the countries of near and far abroad.

The Industrial Designers Club has its own competitive industry, with its own school, manufacture and sales system capable to realize the most daring dreams of creative people.

The club organizes exhibitions, lectures, conferences and field events. Over a 4-year period, the Club has formed its own rich program: Descent Design, Picnic Design, Visit Design, Furniture Fair, the Festival of Industrial Design, and a “KPD says” series of Lectures.

More information about the organization, its activities, as well as photos and videos of the Industrial Designers club you can find by clicking on the link: