Directions of development

Wooden house construction Wooden house construction in Russia is only 12% of the total volume of housing construction. By comparison, this share amounts to 40% in the countries of North America and Western Europe.
Biofuel The most important product of the timber industry complex in Russia is fuel pellets, or wood pellets.
The pulp and paper industry
The pulp and paper production is one of the leading directions of the wood chemical industry and demonstrates the most significant growth in terms of output.
Plywood and slab production
Plywood, or wood-laminated boards are multi-layer building materials used in aircraft and shipbuilding, electrical engineering and furniture manufacturing.
Furniture industry
The Russian furniture industry produces all kinds of furniture for public and residential premises.
Sawmilling A developed branch of the Russian timber industry complex is mechanical woodworking, or the production of sawn timber. Lumber products are used in a wide variety of construction and repair areas.