A new wave of Russian industrial design: a press-tour on furniture production was held in Moscow

Front page » News » A new wave of Russian industrial design: a press-tour on furniture production was held in Moscow

The Russian furniture industry has a great growth potential and is one of the most competitive industries: it is represented by both large and small companies. The growth rate of furniture manufacturing for 9 months of 2019 amounted to 113% compared to the same period of 2018. All kinds of furniture for public and residential premises are manufactured in Russia; more than 6,000 companies in Russia are involved in this industry.

However, the industry needs to be updated. A new approach to design and manufacture is needed to create a competitive industry. The quality is becoming one of the key criteria in the competitive struggle of furniture manufacturers.

The ARCHPOLE is a rather young production; its furniture has been represented in the Russian market for 10 years. The founders of the brand Konstantin Lagutin and Anna Sazhinova call themselves the ancestors of the new wave of Russian industrial furniture design of the last decade.

“At first there was a machine tool, and the first workshop was located at home in the kitchen. Then a carpenter and a painter appeared and we moved into a huge garage. At first, the furniture was made only for our own architectural projects. When a need to separate the growing manufacture from the design department has appeared due to lack of space, we moved to the “Elektrozavod” — a spacious room with large windows that accommodates the entire production cycle in one building,” says Anna Sazhinova.

Today the ARCHPOLE furniture and interior design gallery is located in the building of the Moscow Electric Lamp Plant (MELZ), a pre-revolutionary factory-made-gallery. The brand’s headquarters occupy two floors with the total area of 500 m2, where their ECO office, showroom and photo studio are located. The product line includes about 300 items of furniture, interior items and accessories with 14 finishing options for each object. The production volumes are more than 700 items per month.

“We love the fact that architects, designers, carpenters and other workers are close by. It happens that we have 25 meetings and discussions a day. We communicate constantly and it brings us great advantages,” Konstantin Lagutin notes.

Every element of the object design is developed in the Archpole experimental laboratory and manufactured in-house. The models are minimalistic in form, and a wide range of materials and finishes allows furniture to create and complement interiors in any style.